The Toolbox for Pastoral Management is for new Catholic pastors, religious men and women, and lay ecclesial ministers in church administration who understand that management skills are essential for creating and sustaining a dynamic and vibrant Church that is vital for living out the Gospel.

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New pastoral leaders can reap measurable benefits from strengthening critical skill sets in the areas of administration, finance, and personnel management, as such education cannot fail to assist the Church in her stewardship of human and financial resources.

New York Times

From a January 2014 article on the Toolbox:

Father Holmes was drawn to the project because he was seeing young priests being given too much responsibility. When he was ordained, 32 years ago, many priests got decades of on-the-job training before being given parishes of their own.

“You had a 25-year apprenticeship,” Father Holmes said. “You had two or three pastors to learn from. By the time you became a pastor of a parish, you were 51 years old. You had seen a budget!”

But the priest shortage has left a bad knowledge gap.

“There are no more apprenticeships,” Father Holmes lamented. “It’s like three years from ordination to being a pastor.”

A dozen experts in various fields will be presenting on such topics as a theology of management, stewardship, internal financial controls, risk management, building finance and pastoral councils, as well as standards for excellence from which every parish, diocese, religious community, and its pastoral leadership, can benefit.

Hosted by The Leadership Roundtable, this weeklong conference (or its abbreviated version in 2-3 days) is designed specifically for first-time new pastors or pastoral leaders. Contact the Leadership Roundtable to find out about upcoming dates or to bring the Toolbox for Pastoral Management to your (arch)diocese or religious order.

The tentative schedule of presentations includes:

  • A Theology of Management
  • A Sixth-Month Game Plan
  • Stewardship and Communication
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Financial Controls
  • Risk Management
  • An Evangelizing Parish
  • A Pastor’s Well-Being
  • A Mission-Driven Church
  • Catholic Standards for Excellence
  • Building Pastoral and Finance Councils
  • Managing Multiple Parishes
  • Human Resources 101
  • Getting Started with the Business Office