2013 Annual Meeting

The Standard for Excellence: Best Practices for a Mission Driven Church

This publication is a collection of the wisdom, insights, observations, and exchange of ideas from participants at The Standard for Excellence: Best Practices for a Mission Driven Church. Speakers include: His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Most Rev. Joseph Kurtz, Elizabeth McCaul, and more.

2013 Annual Meeting

A Call to Communion: Co-Responsibility for the Good of the Church

Topics include: the new evangelization and getting our feet dirty, empowering young people to fulfill their baptismal calling, co-responsibility for Church finances, Pope Francis and reforming the Vatican, all from the 2013 Annual Meeting. (2013)


Managing for Mission: Building Strategic Collaborations to Strengthen the Church

Topics include partnerships among national organizations, connecting funders to worthy organizations, observations on leadership from a career in military service, and exploring the new economic reality from the 2012 Annual Meeting. (2012)




From Aspirations to Action: Solutions for America's Catholic Schools

Topics include Catholic school advocacy, financial and managerial considerations for Catholic schools, and the synthesis of ideas and recommendations from the 2011 Annual Meeting. (2011)




A Blueprint for Responsibility: Responding to Crises with Collaborative Solutions

Topics include the case for transparency and accountability in a global church, the lessons learned from the sex abuse crisis in the US, and philanthropy and accountability in uncertain economic times. (2010)



Clarity, Candor and Conviction: Effective Communications for a Global Church

Topics include the future of communications, the growing Catholic Latino population in the U.S., and transcripts of keynote addresses from Prime Minister Tony Blair and Bishop Gerald Kicanas. (2009)


Managerial Excellence: Engaging the Faith Community in Leadership in the Church Today

Topics include a parish ministry assessment tool, best practices from model parishes, and challenges and solutions in Church strategic planning. (2008)


Give Us Your Best: A Look at Church Service for a New Generation

Topics include identifying the next generation of Church leaders and ministers, and recruiting the very best for Church service. (2007)


Bringing Our Gifts to the Table: Creating Conditions for Financial Health in the Church

Topics include effective diocesan planning and the power of economies of scale in the Church. (2006)


The Church in America: Leadership Roundtable 2005 - A Call to Excellence in the Church (2005)


The Church in America: Leadership Roundtable 2004 - Challenges and Opportunities in Governance and Accountability for Institutions in Transition