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NLRCM Board of Directors

Left to Right: Fr. J. Donald Monan, SJ, Patrick Harker, Fr. Bryan Hehir, Francis Butler, Betsy Bliss, Fr. Edward Malloy, CSC, Frederick Gluck, Geoffrey Boisi, Kathleen McChesney, Fr. John Beal, JCD, Sr. Carol Keehan, DC, W. Douglas Ford, Kerry Robinson, Thomas Healey, Carol Fowler

Presentation of Inaugural Best Practices Award to the Archdiocese of Boston for the Boston Financial Transparency Project
Geoffrey T. Boisi (left) and Fr. Bryan Hehir (right)
Bishop's Panel
Bishop William B. Friend, Bishop Michael J. Bransfield, Archbishop Edwin F. O'Brien, Dr. Francis J. Butler (left to right).
Davidson, Boland, Gluck
Mr. James Davidson, Bishop William B. Friend, Mr. Frederick Gluck (left to right)
Duggan, Kemp
Fr. Robert Duggan and Fr. Raymond Kemp (left to right)
Additional Photos
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Annual Meetings
National Symposium on Hispanic Leadership and Philanthropy for a 21st Century Church
The Standard for Excellence: Best Practices for a Mission Driven Church
Lowney A Call to Communion: Co-Responsibility for the Good of the Church


Managing for Mission: Building Strategic Collaborations to Strengthen the Church
From Aspirations to Action: Solutions for America's Catholic Schools
John Allen A Blueprint for Responsibility:
Responding to Crises with Collaborative Solutions
Clarity, Candor and Conviction: Effective Communications for a Global Church
Managerial Excellence: Engaging the Faith Community in Leadership in the Church Today
Give Us Your Best: A Look at Church Service for a New Generation
Bringing Our Gifts to the Table: Creating Conditions for Financial Health in the Church
A Call to Excellence in the Church
Challenges and Opportunities in Governance and Accountability for Institutions in Transition